Aleksandra Luszczynska, Ph.D.

Aleksandra Luszczynska

Aleksandra Luszczynska, Ph.D.

Research Affiliate


Aleks Luszczynska is affiliated at SWPS University (Wroclaw, Poland) and at the Trauma, Health, & Hazards Center, UCCS. She is co-editor in chief of Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being ), and has been working as editor or editorial board member for 7 impacted journals.  

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Areas of Interest

Aleks’s research deals with issues relevant for health and clinical psychology. First area refers to health behavior change, in particular development, implementation and evaluation of health promoting interventions and policies. Second area deals with adaptation to severe or chronic illness e.g. cancer, cardiovascular disease. Finally, her research deals with psychosocial resources facilitating recovery and adaptation after a traumatic event 

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